Rain  Man


“Raining Man”. “Adam”. “The boy who could fly”. Moving movies, aren’t they? What you did not know about these movies is that are part of autism-related films. This message doesn’t reach you randomly. Everything has a sense and you know why.


Autism is a word. It is part of your word even if you do not know. Because we are all ONE. If you do not see these children it doesn’t mean they do not exist. They are children of the stars. Sometimes they are the best kept secret. Normal people scare them.


Autism is the most severe form of manifestation of abnormalities in the development of the individual, which affects man's ability to get in touch with others, is characterized by a need to respond to social contacts and communicate.


The symptoms usually occurs before the age of three. The "neurological disorder" affects the normal functioning of the brain, blocking progress in the areas of social interaction and the ability to communicate.


In Romania, at seven and a half hours a child is born with autism!

Although about 30,000 people suffering from autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Romania people diagnosed with autism is not recognized disease with age of 18 years and not getting any help. (source: Agerpres).

In Romania, children are diagnosed with autism are employed, as increased from 'mental illness' category psychosis (and before age 18 are employed to 'mental disorder' medical and psychosocial General Criteria for identification and classification of children (0-18 years) with disabilities and handicap (disability)).

The number of therapists needed for the therapy of children with autism, does not exceed 10% in Romania.

In 2013, the hospital Obregia weekly hosted 20 cases versus 15 cases in 2012.

And the list can go on!


Did you know that autism occurs four times more often in boys than in girls? Both children and adults have difficulty with verbal and non-verbal with that.

Long-term effects depend on the severity of autism symptoms and how quickly treatment was begun recovery.


A child is waiting. For your help! If you have how to help, please make a donation at account RO96INGB0000999909809084 , ING BANK , from Urziceni city, SWIFT INGROBU.


The Coaching Association – Life Coach 4 Transformation need support in order to open a center for children with autism in Bucharest.


And do not forget to smile. You just did a better life to a child of stars! After a year of therapy 3 children of 5 have recovered at least one year in mental age!



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